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About Tirhut Dugdh Utpadak Sahkari Sangh Ltd

Muzaffarpur dairy is situated in north Bihar near Nepal border area. Irrigation and cattle farming are major occupation of people. Land is very fertile and half of the area remains flood affected most of the times, for this reason there is a huge loss of lives, crops and houses etc. Natural calamity is a main reason for people having poor means in this region.


100% Pure

Milk comes straight from the udder of the cows from villages and farms. Its only pasteurised, chilled and packed at our plant.


Keeps your family healthy

With calcium, protein and essential carbs it adds to your families nutritional diet.


Always Fresh

After pasteurisation the milk is checked again by our team of dairy doctors to ensure no strain of bacteria and the milk is always fresh.


Safe from chemicals

We add no preservatives or chemicals to the milk. It's 100% pure

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